Hacking Go's type system

Are you in the mood for a stroll inside Go’s type system ? If you are already familiarized with it, this post can be funny for you, or just plain stupid.

If you have no idea how types and interfaces are implemented on Go, you may learn something, I sure did :-)

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Exploring Go's objects

I started to understand Go’s object model easier when I accepted that there is no objects at all, there is just sets of functions that can operate on common state, with some sugar sprinkled on top.

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Having fun with Go's nil, interfaces and errors

Learning and programming in Go has been delightful 99% of the time, This makes even more remarkable when the language bites you in the ass :-). Actually it is a mix of my own ignorance + some other details, but for everyone that I presented this situation it did not seem like something obvious and intuitive.

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Why Go ?

For me it makes no sense to talk about why a decision has been made without any context. So I will try to give some context on what was happening when we decided to give Go a shot.

We started to work at Neoway with the Go language for a year and a half right now, and on this post I will try to pass on some of the experience of learning Go.

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